If you are interested in the event’s Raising Awareness Wristbands (RAW) Promotion and/or the Delray Beach Open Fundraising Program, raising funds for your non-profit organization, sports team or community fundraising program, call (561) 330-6000!

Below are a few of the past and present organizations that have been involved with the Delray Beach Open ticket donation and/or fundraising program.


Raising Awareness Wristbands (RAW) Promo. Ballkids wearing wristbands on Stadium Court to gain exposure for our local community partners – seen nationally and around the world!

  • Love Serving Autism. Love Serving Autism expands life skills, especially communication, through specialized therapeutic tennis instruction in order to increase community inclusion and independence of individuals with developmental challenges. The goal is for participants to apply their newly learned skills throughout the community, including school, workplace, social/recreational gatherings, and home settings. We provide education and training to tennis professionals for an adaptive tennis specialization in the industry.
  • ACEing Autism. ACEing Autism is on a mission for children with autism to grow, develop and benefit from social connections and fitness through affordable tennis programming, uniquely serving individual needs while filling a national void for this growing and worthy population.
  • Delray Beach Youth Tennis Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in 2015 with the following mission: “To enhance the lives of underserved youth through tennis, academic support and life skills.”
  • KOP Mentoring Network (KOP Mentoring Network is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization. The organization has been providing mentoring services to more than 4,000 students, ages 7-17, since 1991. They seek non-traditional means of mentoring, such as, field trips, public speakers, horseback riding, and kayaking to prepare the youth for life in our global society.
  • Parkland Buddies Sports is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit providing organized peer to peer sports programming for children and young adults with special needs and volunteer opportunities for students.  Parkland Buddy Sports cultivates an empowering, challenging and loving environment with an emphasis on fun and friendship. Our motto, “No Limits,” means that every player, volunteer and coach has the chance to reach their full potential every time they step on the field or court with our program. Our goal is to make our programs accessible for all families with children and young adults with special needs in the tri-county area (Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties). And, our mission to keep our programs fee free is intentional, to alleviate any extra financial burdens on the families we serve.
  • Smith Smiles Toy Donations is a family run 501c3 nonprofit organization bringing toys, games, craft supplies, and other items to children ages birth to 18 years old who are healing in the hospital. Smith Smiles began after our daughter was in and out of the hospital multiple times showing us how toys helped her heal more quickly. Donating items helps take the fears away for a while and helps with the healing process allowing families to come together making the hospital stay more enjoyable for the patient and supports the needs of the hospital therapeutic play area as well. Since 2016, Smith Smiles has donated to 21 states (and counting) and 2 countries approximately 13,500 toys.
  • USTA Florida Section Foundation. The Foundation grants offer funding for youth tennis programs, adaptive tennis programs for those with special needs, community tennis programs in economically challenged areas, along with facility assistance in the renovation, refurbishment, and building of quality public tennis facilities.