We would like to welcome all players and collegiate coaches to the 54th  anniversary of the USTA BOYS’ 18 & 16 NATIONAL CLAY COURT CHAMPIONSHIPS hosted by the City of Delray Beach (July 11 – 18, 2021). this prestigious event consists of over 440 of the top-ranked Boys 18s & 16s in the United States and will create two highlight television shows, one for each event (B18 & B16).

Click here for draws/times and here to view the 2021 Player Handbook listing local restaurant favorites, things to do in the area, match/practice site info, etc. We look forward to hosting you at one of the premier amateur sporting events in the United States and feel free to call the tournament office @ 561.330.6003 if you have any questions. GOOD LUCK!




  • Please check in 20 minutes before your match time. Matches will be called at 10 minutes before your match time, allowing us to have you on-court AT your match time.
  • Mandatory Forms: CHECK-IN & FORMS:**IMPORTANT** Please check in 20 minutes before your match time as ALL PLAYERS must submit the following (USTA Medical ReleaseEvent Release & Waiver Form and PIM Contact Form) with parent/guardian signature or they will be unable to participate in the event! DO NOT SUBMIT THESE FORMS TO OUR OFFICE PRIOR TO CHECK IN. Bring all three with you and turn them into the Site Director before your 1st Rd match.
  • Daily Check-in For Matches. Please check in 20 minutes before your match time & make sure you check in at the correct site (view Site Abbreviations on the Draw)




Click for the Event Safety Rules (incl. mask worn at all times, physical distancing, etc.). In order to compete in this event, all competitors MUST click the below link to enter their contact information (1 of 3; others shown above and must be brought to the Players Registration). We will use this software to update everyone with weather updates if applicable.

Click Here For for Match Tennis App / Communicate with players to find a Doubles partner

Weather: For updated weather details and/or possible match delays, we will communicate messages via Serve Tennis &/or Match Tennis App software (we will not change the times in the draw) and update the Serve Tennis Event website with any new times/schedules. Draw times will only be changed in the evening (if applicable), not during the day.


City of Delray Beach (Host City) is a beach lover’s destination with one of America’s most beautiful seashores and we hope you’ll have some time to take a stroll along the warm surf. We invite you to take a leisurely walk along Atlantic Avenue, enjoy the galleries, boutiques and gourmet restaurants. Click for things to do in Delray Beach.


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18s Singles Champion: Receives a Wildcard into the Singles Main Draw at the US Open Juniors & a Wildcard into the Main Draw of a USTA Men’s Futures Pro Circuit Event.

18s Singles Champion and Finalist: Receives complimentary entry into the Pre-Qualifying Survivor Wildcard Event (winner receives a Qualifying Wildcard into the Delray Beach Open by VITACOST.com: ATP 250 Event) held annually in November.

16s Singles Champion: Receives a Wildcard into the Main Draw of a USTA Men’s Futures Pro Circuit Event (players must be age eligible).




Player Registration, College Expo, College Scholarship Info & Transition to College ‘Forum/, etc. Click here for info.

DOUBLES DEADLINE is Saturday, July 10, 2021 @ 2pm. All singles players may play doubles. If you know your doubles team, please e-mail the team/division to Adam Baron at abaron@YellowTennisBall.com by the deadline. Important: make sure we reply back to you to confirm receipt of the e-mail. If we do not hear from you before then, we will NOT place you in the doubles draw. If you do not have a partner, and would like to be paired with another player, please email abaron@YellowTennisBall.com (make sure you receive an email confirmation)– we will do our best to pair you with another player (with a similar ranking).

Players may only play doubles in the same division as they are playing singles.

Boys 18s & 16s Doubles begins on Sunday, July 11, 2021. Doubles begins no earlier than Noon daily.

Seeding: Based upon National Individual Doubles Seeding List




TV COVERAGE : Two highlights shows will be produced and televised, highlighting each event (Boys 18s & Boys 16s).

FORMAT – SINGLES (Ad-Scoring): 224 players per division, Feed-in event which includes the losers through the quarterfinals and a playoff for 3rd/4th Place. Main draw  and 3/4 playoff format is the best of 3 Tie-Break sets, regular scoring. Consolation format is two tie-break sets with a 10-point Match Tiebreak in lieu of a 3rd set, regular scoring.

FORMAT – DOUBLES (No-Ad Scoring): 112 teams per division, Single Elimination, includes a playoff for 3rd/4th  Place. Best of three tie-break sets used in the Semifinals, Final and 3rd and 4th Playoff. All other doubles matches shall use the best of 3 tie-break sets with a 10-point match tiebreak in lieu of a 3rd set.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Provided by YourGameFace. To sign up for action photos or make an appointment, call 214-543-5437.

Draws Posted: Singles Main Draw (Friday, July 9, 2021 @ Noon), Doubles (Saturday, July 10, 2021 by 7:30pm)…. Doubles 1st rd will take place on Day 1, not before Noon.

Surface: Clay Courts

National Ranking Level:  Level 1

Tournament Ball: Wilson Regular Duty

Tournament Facebook Fan Page: Click Here 

Player Handbook: Click Here

Hitting Lessons/Clinics: Click here

VITACOST.com “Player of the Day” Featured News (Beginning 7/11 through 7/18): Email MHochberg@YellowTennisBall.com if you’d like to be added to daily press release list.

WEATHER UPDATES: Will be communicated via Serve Tennis and/or Match Tennis App Software.

Lateness Penalty per USTA Rules: .01 – 5 minutes (1 game & loss of toss); 5:01 – 10 minutes (2 games & loss of toss); 10:01 – 15 minutes (3 games & loss of toss); 15:01 minutes or more (Default)

Officials. We will have roving officials (ratio 4:1) and will chair the following matches: Quarterfinals – Finals (Singles) and Semifinals – Finals (Doubles).

Court Monitors. We have trained court monitors that are used to supplement a full staff or umpires and referees. The court monitors help with certain responsibilities and call umpires to help on certain other situations that arise. If you have any questions, contact the tournament referee or the site referee.

National Ranking Points Breakdown: Click here

Match warm-up: Match warm-ups will be 5-minutes unless advised otherwise.

Rest period between matches:

After a best of 3 tiebreak set singles match, players will be offered two hours of rest when the next match is a best of 3 tiebreak set singles match.

After a best of 3 tiebreak set singles match, players will be offered at least 60 minutes of rest when their next singles or doubles match is played with a match tiebreak in lieu of the 3rd set.

After any match played with a match tiebreak in lieu of a 3rd set, the players will receive at least 60 minutes of rest.


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FACEBOOK: Tournament photos featured on event’s Facebook page



STRINGER ($18 per racket): Pro Circuit Stringing will be based at the Renaissance Hotel Hotel Boca Raton (2000 NW 19th St., Boca Raton, FL 33431), 561-368-5252.  

TRAINER: Medicine Recovery Performance (MRPATC) will be providing athletic training services throughout the event. MRPATC’s Mike Petracrca and his team have been maintaining healthy ITF, USTA, ATP and WTA players in Palm Beach County since 2015. If you have specific treatment needs or questions pre-event, during tournament or post-event, we encourage you to contact Mike directly, mike@medicine-recovery-performance.com or (603) 978-1261. Please check with the tournament desk for trainers’ specific event sites and hours. If you desire athletic training services during the event, please go to a site where a trainer is scheduled. You are still responsible to be ready to play at your scheduled match location and time. PLEASE READ PROPER HEAT ACCLIMATION & HYDRATION OVERVIEW AT LEAST ONE WEEK PRIOR TO ARRIVAL and MATCH RECOVERY PROTOCOL DURING THE EVENT. We look forward to working with you and good luck!

> Sun., July 11 – Wed., July 14, 7:30am – 5:30pm: Delray Beach Tennis Center, The Club at Boca Pointe, Boca West Country Club, Broken Sound Country Club, Seven Bridges Tennis Center (thru Tues). None: Boca Grove Country Club

> Thur., July 15, 7:30am – 5pm: Delray Beach Tennis Center, Broken Sound Country Club

> Fri., July 16 – Sun., July 18 (8am – matches conclude): Delray Beach Tennis Center (all matches are scheduled at Delray Beach Tennis Center)




USTA National Jr Ranking System Overview Click here

Selection: A player may be entered in up to two age divisions of USTA National Championships when entries close. The USTA will select players for these divisions in the following order 18s, 16s, 14s and 12s. If a player is entered in two age divisions and is selected into the older division, that player shall not be eligible for selection into the younger division. If a player is not selected for the older division, that player is eligible for selection in the younger division and is eligible to be an alternate in the younger division, but not the older division.

Click for Seeding Criteria for USTA National Championships

Click for Doubles Selection Process

Click for Quota for USTA National Championships

Click for Entering Two Divisions

Click for Eligibility for USTA Events

Click for Entry Refund Policy (no refunds after Player Selection)

Click for Selection Process (16s & 18s).

Wildcard Application: Click here for information about applying for a Wildcard. Deadline: No later than five days after the tournament entry deadline.

Junior Competition Rules & Regulations. Click here.




All on-site singles alternates need to check-in by 7:45am on Day 1 & Day 2 and be ready to play (B18: Check in at Delray Beach Tennis Center; B16: Check in at ________________). They must also have transportation to immediately go to another site, if required. The USTA regulation states that the sign-in closes 15 minutes prior to the first match of the day for that event. Only the players that have 1st round byes may potentially be replaced by an on-site alternate on Day 2.

Doubles on-site alternates:
Day 1: B18 sign in @ Delray Beach Tennis Center by 1pm… B16 sign in @ ________________ by 1pm.
Day 2: B18 sign in @ Delray Beach Tennis Center by 1pm…B16 sign in @ ________________ by 1pm.

Replacing a Singles Main Draw Player Before Draw is Made (Wednesday prior to the event): The tournament committee shall replace a player who was accepted as part of a Section’s quota with the next player on the Section’s endorsement list. The tournament committee shall replace a player who was NOT accepted per the above, with the next highest remaining alternate (National Standings List).

Replacing of Singles Main Draw Player After Draw is Made, but Before the Completion of the 1st Round: The tournament committee shall replace a player after the draw is made, but before the completion of the 1st round with the highest listed remaining alternate…No players are replaced in the draw after the completion of the 1st round. For example, a player who wins their 1st round, but cannot play their 2nd round due to injury, will NOT replaced with an alternate.

On-Site Alternates: Players on the published alternates list that sign in on-time, will be chosen based on their position on the National Standings List used for player selection.




There are no refunds after the entry deadline. If a player needs to withdraw, please call us as soon as possible so the next alternate can make travel arrangements.




Ivan Baron, Tournament Director

Mark Baron, Tournament Chairman

Adam Baron, Site Director & Doubles Coordinator

John Butler, Director of Marketing, Operations & College Expo

Marlena Hochberg, Media Director & Site Director

Alexis Crenshaw, Site Director & Player Relations Director

Jeff Rothstein, Head Referee